Dangers of DIY Mold Remediation

Big box stores and the Internet have some home owners believing mold remediation is a “do it yourself” job. Mold removal products line the shelves of NJ stores in hopes to sell product to desperate homeowners and unqualified contractors. The internet is filled with handyman websites, DIY sites, blog services and other facets encouraging homeowners to tackle mold remediation projects. This creates a cycle of misinformed people trying to solve a problem without professional guidance.

The DIY mentality is especially dangerous and scary in an area like the New Jersey shore that was so greatly affected by Superstorm Sandy. Strapped for cash and desperate to repair their home for the season many people scramble for information and the cheapest alternatives. Homeowners along the coast thought they were dodging the mold issue by gutting all the wet building material and contents from their home. Many New Jerseyans are now realizing that was not enough as they attempt to battle that ever dreaded “M” word.

So why is DIY Mold Removal so dangerous:

1. Specialized equipment. There are special supplies and equipment needed in order to properly perform a mold remediation job. This includes air filtration devices, these get strategically placed inside the work area and are usually vented out through a window to create negative air pressure. This insures that no contaminants from the work area can cross contaminate unaffected rooms or areas.

2. Personal Protective Wear. Protect yourself and others from getting sick or cross contamination. Many will not take the proper precautions to protect themselves. Anyone trained to handle contaminants knows that there are certain ways to get in and out of your protective wear to prevent the spread or inhalation of the contaminant. There are hours of training involved, including being fit for a respirator. Buying a paint suit and dust mask from the hardware store is NOT enough protection.

3. Complications. As a mold remediation contractor, many times we find ourselves in complicated situations and have to use our many hours of training to troubleshoot the scenario. Nothing is “black and white” and almost every job needs some type of specialized attention. Sometimes this requires us to reference our training text books or even call a professor for advice.

4. Allergic Reaction. Some people have severe allergies to certain types of mold and some people none at all. Most of us are unaware of these allergies until they start to see symptoms. There are also toxic mold spores that can be extremely dangerous, even in small amounts.

These are just four of the most obvious reasons to call a professional for advice, every situation is unique. Any qualified contractor should gladly come out to your property to discuss your options and provide a visual inspection. Use your judgment, ask questions, get references, make sure they have a pollution liability insurance policy. Better yet, call
Champion Restoration Experts
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John Chirico

John is a managing partner and sales and relationship management leader for Champion Restoration Experts. He has more than 15 years of experience in and around the water and mold damage restoration business. When he isn’t handling property damage needs for one of the Tri-State’s premier water and mold damage restoration companies, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, as well as following his beloved Phillies and Eagles.

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