Storm Damage Restoration

Nature is at best unpredictable and a storm can strike at any time. Storm damage is one of the number one causes of property structural dangers and loss. Champion Restoration are experts in handling proactive preventative care and post care solutions for varying types of storm damage from high winds to hurricanes and tornados. We were at the forefront of helping many businesses and homes during hurricane Sandy to repair loss and return properties to their pre-loss state. (maybe link to a review or pictures of sandy clean up?)

Our team responds quickly with the appropriate resources to any of the mild to catastrophic storms listed below:
– Flood damage caused by heavy rains
– Hurricanes and tidal surges
– Tornadoes and strong wind damage
– Ice and snowstorms
– Wild fires

Most common storm damage repair services needed post storm damage are:
Water damage restoration
Mold remediation and repair due to stagnant flood waters
– Storm damage fallen tree debris cleanup and tree removal
– Ice and snow removal
– Structural stability analysis
– Rebuilding

Our experienced professionals are available 24/7 to help minimize your losses, work closely with your insurance adjuster and agent to help you get back to a better state of living and safety as quickly as possible. We get the job done right the first time and stand by our level of expertise and work ethic to provide you with the best storm restoration services on the market.

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